Tom Carberry provides felony criminal defense at the trial, appellate, and post-conviction levels. Tom Carberry has represented defendants in thousands of felony cases for over 20 years.

When charged with a felony, you need a lawyer who wins cases.  Tom Carberry wins cases.  Please take a look at the tabs for wins in 35(c) cases, appeals, and felony trials.  Hire the best lawyer you can find, one with a record of winning in serious felony cases. Ask any lawyer you are considering hiring the names of serious cases they have won in the past 4-5 years.  Few, if any, will match Tom Carberry’s record of success.

Over about the last 5 years, Tom Carberry has concentrated on the most serious cases, such as homicides and sexual assaults.  During this time Tom Carberry also has focused on allegations of ineffective assistance of counsel in serious cases such as homicide and sexual assault, finding a disturbing amount of truly bad lawyering in these cases.  Look at the “35(c) wins” tab to see how many clients suffered because of bad lawyers. Tom Carberry also has testified as an expert witness over a dozen times in serious felony cases in which the defendant has alleged ineffective assistance of counsel.

America has by far the harshest criminal “justice” system in the world. Over the last few decades America has resorted to mass incarceration as a solution to perceived social problems.   Colorado has among the harshest sentences in America.  Many crimes, especially felonies, carry mandatory prison sentences.  In Colorado, most felony sex offenses carry the possibility of life in prison.  Don’t become a statistic.  Hire the best lawyer you can.

When faced with a serious felony, you need to win. When searching for a criminal defense lawyer, look for a person who specializes in criminal defense, who has experience with your type of case, and who has won such cases in the past.  If a lawyer never has won your type of case in the past, hesitate to test your luck. Ask for proof.

If you face serious charges or have been convicted and sentenced for a serious crime, please contact Tom Carberry for a free initial consultation and an honest assessment of the chances for success. Tom Carberry also will give you an honest assessment of the costs, based on years of experience.  Tom Carberry’s experience means that in a lot of areas you will save money because he has done the research in the past and doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel.